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"During a winter night in the city of Perpignan, near the French Pyrenees, Aline Gauthier accepts to leave the bar where she works with one of the clients. Michel is a powerful and libertine famed lawyer, known for sleeping with lots of different women. She wouldn’t dare to share with anyone the moments she lived that night so, humiliated and angry, she knocked him in the head with a crystal jar, leaving him behind bleeding and unconscious.
She fled afraid she might have killed him. She didn’t want to be arrested for murder and believed that no one would miss him at all. She was tired of her bohemian life, had no respect for herself, so she decided to leave her parents' house without saying goodbye and without a trace.
Aline arrived by train in Oloron Sainte Marie, almost 300 miles away, and starts a new life. Love knocks on her door, mature love, ravishing and committed. But the past emerges in all its might, pursuing her until the last breath.

How far can we run away from the past?"

 I am a Portuguese writer with several books published. I am currently translating my books to English. I would like an honest opinion about my first translated title, so I would be grateful if you were interested in reading my book. 

Thank you for your support.
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Ambra Blanchett

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