quinta-feira, 16 de abril de 2015

Postponed Dreams

"Nicole put the menu in her hands and pushed her to Thierry Morin´s table. She gave up from him long time ago. There was a time when the only thing she didn’t do was declare herself to him openly, but he never noticed her interest, or pretended not to notice it. She was not the kind of girl to humiliate herself and she appreciated herself a lot to go after a man who didn´t even see her.
Aline, timidly approached him and asked:
- Good night. Do you have any table of preference?
- Good night. No. Do I know you? – he asked looking at her with great curiosity.
- I am the new waitress. Is this one good for you? Are you waiting for someone?
- No, I will eat alone. Do you want to join me? – he asked with a smile.
- Thank you, but I am working. Do you already know what you are going to eat or do you want me to come back in a few minutes?
- No, I already chose the dish. Today is lamb roast. Is chosen.
- And to drink?
- A small jug of wine from the house. Ask your colleague. What did you say was your name?
- I didn´t say it. I´ll be back.
She walked away with a smile that did not go unnoticed by Nicole and that made her very intrigued.
- So the single man was flirting with you? This is unbelievable! Thierry never flirted anyone after Sylvie. I am shocked. In fact, looking closely at you, you are a beauty. The man has good taste.
- Look, forget that. Men are dead to me. Which is the wine he wants? He said that you know which it is.
Frowning, she took the pitcher from the sideboard, filled it directly from the kite placed on top of the tripod and gave it to her.
- Here, go there. Later you´ll have to explain me those deaths!
They both laughed with restraint. She hadn’t laughed for a while. She felt her face bright.
- Here´s your wine Sr....
- Thierry. Thierry Morin. - and held out his hand shaking hers firmly.
In fact it was more like a cuddle. Rough hand but sweet.
- Aline Gauthier. – she answered."

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