domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Postponed Dreams, a novel

"For the first time, the words failed and the embarrassment was inevitable. He got up slowly, bringing with him a smell of sea and pine forest, and stood before her. She noticed that he changed his clothes, his style. He was wearing a black denim pants, white shirt and a brown biker jacket. On the right arm had the helmet hanged. Aline started to feel the palms sweaty and the legs wobbly, the same feeling she experienced in the afternoon. They were facing each other for only a few seconds but it felt like hours had passed; so many questions and a tremendous lack of courage. She didn’t recognize herself on that new skin. She had never been afraid to approach a man and knew what to say in almost every situation, but not today. The tongue was slurred, her legs wobbly and the fear of saying something erroneous that made him run away appeared from depths.
The breeze raised a strong wind, bringing with it the smell of burning pine from a fireplace, which came running through the channel formed by the river to stir the leafy willows hanging under water. Two cats mewed on top of a roof fighting for a female cat. A drunken man was walking down the sidewalk, trying to cross the bridge without tripping over his own feet, uttering insults against someone unknown. The world stopped at that moment.
- I didn’t want to wait for you at the Cafe. – he finally said. - I was hoping that Marie didn’t throw me a bucket of water. - Thierry said.
He showed a sweet and calm smile showing a row of white teeth well-kept.
- You won’t have to risk yourself! She is not here. - Aline said.
She stood in front of him, feeling like the goofiest person on earth. For the first time in her life she didn’t know what to do. No one would say she was a girl with experience in matters of men.
- What am I doing here, you should be asking yourself? - Thierry said.
- Yes. What are you doing here in the cold almost at midnight?
- I came to see you Aline. I cannot stand anymore being away from you. Unsurprisingly for you, is it? – he asked.
Aline laid her eyes on the floor, not knowing what to say. Was it true? And what about Sylvie?
- I assume is not. In fact, I don’t know anymore. Come on. Let´s get inside. Marie is not home and here’s a little cold.
He turned away from the front door and she put the key in opening the slot."

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