sábado, 18 de abril de 2015


"Aline didn’t see Thierry’s tears what seemed to her a cold man running away from her, unable to cope with the harsh reality, he was actually a man broken with life who couldn’t understand that damn disease that was destroying their relationship.
After a few hours roaming through the city, often with tears in her eyes hidden by the sunglasses, Aline decided to go back to Grandma’s house and tell the lady all that was happening, owed her that and besides she had no one else to unburden. Nicole was very entertained with Oli and the last thing she wanted was certainly hear her story, sad, melodramatic and worthy of a movie that makes cry even the paving stones. She couldn’t bear to walk down the street and see couples in love holding hands and kissing knowing that she wouldn’t have that with Thierry ever again. Her life ended there.

When began the conversation with her grandmother she started to beat about the bush, and even hesitated whether to tell her sordid history to an almost unknown person. When was finished expected her censorship, after all her grandmother come from a time of rigid moral, but instead found the opposite, she found understanding.
- I could tell you that I feel guilty of the miserable life you had, but that wouldn’t do any good at this point. I know you’re shocked, but believe me, in a few days you won’t think that disease is a tragedy anymore. Here at town you have the best doctors and you’ll be treated here. As for Thierry, give him time, if he really loves you he’ll come back to you. Don’t rush Aline, you still have to know the analysis results that will show the severity of the disease. There are always solutions.
For more than two hours grandma tried to show her the positive side of things, although she couldn’t see them yet. At all times Thierry’s image putting the rose in her hand and saying goodbye without even kiss her, as if she was a leper, was assaulting her thoughts causing an acute pain to her but invisible to others.
- That’s is no longer what worries me. I just want to live, live long and enjoy the finer things of life. You know something grandma? - that was the first time she called her that. - If I can’t have sex with a man ever again, it won’t bother me, I want to see the world and what it has to offer me. If I get cure, I will study something related to the nature and I will engrossed myself somewhere in a jungle to study the animals."

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